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From the 15th July, you will find H.I.M (me) within His hair @ 2 Lynedoch Place

Relocating to His Map

Finally my new, and patiently awaited chapter (sadly due to Covid19) is finally about to start 🙂
From the 15th July 🎉 I will now be based within His Hair, 2 Lynedoch Place, EH3 7PX

As many of you will now know, after 17 years on Queen Street I have decided to make a change.

It took me some time to decide exactly what my next move should be, but, I am confident of what I
have decided is the right move for myself and my business, and, most importantly, for YOU my lovely loyal clients!

Queen Street has been a happy home for myself and H.I.M.

We have enjoyed many, many parties over the years, including our American Crew trip to Majorca to celebrate
their 10th anniversary in Europe. We were shortlisted for 10 industry awards (2 National, 8 Scottish) and,
of course, we WON Scottish Barbers of the Year 2014.

Lots of very happy memories. Have a look and reminisce at the top of some of our pages, of our memorable
times together.

I would like to THANK EVERYONE who has worked with me and who helped me build the H.I.M brand.
We have shared lots of laughter and (thankfully, only) occasionally tears. I love the fact that you all
(except a few) keep in touch 😘 💖

I would also like to THANK each and everyone of my clients for your loyalty and support. Especially over the
last 3-4 months. The offers, well wishes and shear thoughtfulness that I have recieved, has totally left me
dumbfounded. I really can't express how much that has ment to me, THANK YOU x

Finally... Thank you, for the patience you have given me with replying back to you, with your new appointment.
I am looking forward to seeing you, it's going to be like Christmas, but sadly without the alcohol !! lol 😂

Keep safe and have a lovely day 🙂

Kindest regards
Wendy x

To make an online appointment please use our online booking page or text me on 07393 625 009


Award Pics!
The HJ British Hairdressing Business Awards 2015...

HJ British Hairdressing Business Awards 2015 1 HJ British Hairdressing Business Awards 2015 2 HJ British Hairdressing Business Awards 2015 3

HJ British Hairdressing Business Awards 2015 4 HJ British Hairdressing Business Awards 2015 5

  Congratulations to the winners in our category:

Master Barbers,
HJ British Hairdressing Business Awards 2015 6

Well Done!
We would like to congratulate House Martin, Glasgow for winning Best Barbers, and Jennifer Cheyne for receiving Hairdressing Icon.

We would also like to Thank ALL of our clients for voting for us, we would not have been there without you!

Thank you,

Wendy & the H.I.M Team

Salon Business Awards 1 Salon Business Awards 2
Salon Business Awards 3 Salon Business Awards 4

We've been selected as a finalist, in the Male Grooming Salon of the Year category of the UK WIDE British Hairdressing Busness Awards!

British Hairdressing Business Awards

Well Done!
A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Toni & Guy for winning our category at the Salon Business Awards.

Salon Business Awards 1 Salon Business Awards 2 Salon Business Awards 3

We're on Twitter!
We've set up our very own Twitter account - @HIMGrooming

You can follow us using this button or the one on the home page.




I am still totally gobsmacked, it all feels very surreal.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... to everyone who voted and who believes in us, this is for you!

I have a fabulous team but we wouldn't be here without you!!



& Movember


HIM doing our bit for Movember. Thank you to All the staff at Virgin Media Business Centre in Glenrothes. You were all great sports for this great cause.


& Shaba
The staff at SHABA HIM didn't win at the Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards but we were happy to have been nominated and look forward to next year.

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for us. And we had a fantastic night!



in Edinburgh
Wendy cutting hairHIM is Gentleman's retreat; on arrival you will be offered a complimentary drink whether it's coffee, tea or something a little stronger. Our qualified and experienced team make it their priority to ensure your time with us is as relaxing as possible