Wet Shaving

Wet Shaves

HIM offers three types of wet shaving. Our Luxury Wet Shave, our Wet Shave with Hydro Mask (A Shave With A Twist), or our 'Mach 3 'treatment. Which ever you choose depends on how much time you have and how much you wish to be pampered.

Wet shave


japanese razor and brushOur luxury wet shave is a unique pamper experience.

We ask you for 1 hr 15 mins of your time so we can totally relax you and shave you using our Japanese style open razor.

We prepare your skin using products full of herbal ingredients, making your skin feel cool, refreshing and tingly. There are then two consecutive shaves, one 'with the grain' and then one 'against the grain'. We then finish the experience of with a lovely cold towel and facial massage.

Trust us you won't want to leave.

Wet shave with Hydro Mask

Wet shave with hydro maskThis is a shave with a twist....

This treatment is wonderful treatment for someone who loves shaving but that has very sensitive skin. The Hydro mask is infused with intensive moisturising properties,

with an instant soothing and calming action on the skin that reduces redness and irritation. It also has powerful anti ageing ingredients that help smooth and soften lines and wrinkles.

Please allow 1hr 10mins.





Mach 3


Mach 3 razorOur fabulous Mach 3 shave is fabulous for those with not a lot of time.

We still prepare your skin before the shave and finish off with a cold towel and facial massage.

We ask you for 40 mins of your time so we can totally relax you and shave you.